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swem (Strategic & Wisdom eMarketing Consultancy) is a branding and marketing technology consulting company. We are your best Branding & MarTech development partner. We specialize in brand and business strategy, diagnosis, workshop, MarTech& PRTech solution, brand communication and O2O event to help you enhance your brand value. Our mission is to support your localized brand to become a globally recognized one.

Designated consultant of “Branding Taiwan Campaign” organized by Taiwan MOEA (Ministry of Economy Affairs)

  • TIPRA Award “Best Brand Communication Company” (2012.2013.2014.2016.2018)
  • ECI Creativity & Innovation Awards (2019)
  • Awarded the Marketing Prize for 2 consecutive years
  • Member of Taiwan TIPRA , PRNetworking, Asia MarTechAlliance



Competitor’s Brand Research & Analysis
Find out what your competitors are practicing and tackle the core and solution
Marketing Position Strategy and Viability Analysis
Identify your competitive distinctiveness and market segmentation and channel strategy
MarTech Initializing
Establish your self-media, e-commerce, social media to collecting first big data and reach your ideal clients effectively
Oversea Integrated Marketing Communications
Design your brand slogan, put multinational marketing communication planning into action plan and your O2O brand touchpoint
Growth Hacking
Conduct consumer insight analysis and deliver your brand, products or services information to your customers in order to determine the most effective way to scale and grow a business

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