Many states, including Taiwan, have the economy driven by exports, pushing many firms to face the need in venturing into foreign markets. However, along the way, they will encounter many challenges such as unfamiliarity with the market, inability to find suitable talents and difficulties in brand promotion.

Furthermore, Taiwan acts as an intermediate supplier for most global supply chains. Therefore, to ensure viability, more emphasis is placed on cost and quality whereas strategy, marketing and human resources are usually on the back burner. As a result, many Taiwanese firms have quality products with great designs but are still unable to generate high profit margins and enter international markets.

Align Group, swem Consultancy and Blackstorm Consulting have decided to join forces and form an alliance where the trio will be providing comprehensive services to clients. Each of us has different specialisations and expertise but the common ground is that we are client-centric. The goal of our alliance is to lead enterprises into the international market, strengthening the collaborations within Asia and utilising technology to modernise existing firms. MBAlliance is competent to help firms successfully venture into the markets of Southeast Asia, especially into Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

BlackStorm Consulting is a management consultancy firm that renders excellent services to many enterprises who intend to enter Southeast Asia. Many firms have undergone various corporate innovations and disruptions through creative and viable strategies to weather through downturns internally and externally.

swem Consultancy is one of Taiwan’s most experienced brand development consultant. With a forward-thinking mindset, they leverage on technology to accelerate business development of the clients. swem Consultancy can help them construct an international brand, perform market research, collaborate with local advertising firms, and handle public relation matters when the firms wish to venture into other parts of Asia. Likewise, for  firms wanting to enter Taiwan, swem Consultancy can tailor the brand to the local culture by monitoring and analysing social media platforms and holding press conferences, panel discussions and forums to increase publicity.

Align Group focuses on human resources management and is dedicated in helping companies to transform their talents and mindset. With various connections within Southeast Asia and Taiwan, Align Group has created seamless communications and service experiences.

The ongoing trade war, coupled with the recent pandemic, is driving many firms to run out of business. Pivoting and reforming the business is one of the effective ways. Only businesses who are the quickest to recover can be the last man standing, and this depends on how well the human resources are managed, how well the branding can be done and how well they understand the markets.

With the proliferation of alliances and collaborations in the current day and age, what sets our alliance apart from others is the internationalisation and the rich diverse experiences that we hold. We, as an alliance, provide holistic end-to-end services to better serve our clients. Together, we provide comprehensive services in branding, human resources, and operations, which encapsulates internal organisation, market research, international brand awareness, and sales strategy, forming an exceptional one-stop service. Firms that require assistance can also have the freedom to choose whether they want to engage our services wholly or only for several specific functions.

To strengthen the alliance, we are now open to invite other stakeholders to join. Currently, we have 3 supporting members, namely SparkAmplify, 4b Studio, and Aedge Capital. An international alliance is to provide support, help with the establishment of the brand of firms and advisory on public relation strategies. From branding to human resources management to market scaling, it will help firms looking to venture into foreign markets save a large amount of time and allow them to focus on generating profits.

About MBAlliance

MBAlliance ( provides a series of multinational services, acting as a bridge and enabler for businesses to compete more effectively in a dynamic and fast evolving Asia Pacific.

As an alliance, between Swem Consulting, BlackStorm Consulting and Align Group, we strive to equip entrepreneurs with local knowledge, leveraging on years of experience from our founding members.

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